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Liza Hurlburt-Melo, Real Estate Agent with Four Columns Realty

About Liza Melo

Liza Melo brings 15 years of experience as a Massachusetts real estate agent, and over 20 years of experience in buying, selling, and renovating properties, to her Four Columns Realty clients.

Liza’s keen knowledge of real estate and her diligent work ethic have made her one of the region’s top agents year after year. A Certified Loss Mitigation Specialist, Liza is highly skilled in helping real estate buyers and sellers understand the ever-changing world of mortgage loans and foreclosures. Being a member of the Board of Directors for the North Quabbin Chamber of Commerce is just one of the many ways Liza serves her community.

Formerly a Project Manager for Ace Fire & Water Restoration, Inc., and Chief Operating Officer for Renovators’ Supply, Liza is a lifelong resident of the North Quabbin Region. She and her husband Joe reside in Athol.

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